Dividend Distribution Policy

This Policy will be applicable to Samorita Hospital Ltd. This Policy is for payment of dividend to shareholders of the Company. Future dividend payment will depend on a variety of factors including Samorita Hospital Ltd’s earnings, financial condition, solvency requirements and the general economic environment. The dividend proposed by the Board of Directors in any particular year may vary depending on a variety of factors (as noted above). The Board of Directors recommend/declare and distribute dividend as per the provisions of Companies Act, Articles of Association of the company and BSEC’s guidelines and notifications.

  1. Interim dividend will be paid to the entitled Shareholders within 30 days of record date.
  2. Final dividend will be paid within 30 days of approval of Shareholders at the AGM.
  3. The Company shall ensure that the amount of cash dividend shall be deposited in a scheduled bank in a separate account within the stipulated time specified by the regulators and pay directly to the bank account of entitled shareholders as available in BO account maintained with Depository Participant (DP), or the bank account as provided by shareholders in paper form, through Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network (BEFTN). In case of margin loan, cash dividend will be paid off to Consolidated Customers Bank Account (CCBA) as provided by the merchant banker or portfolio manager within stipulated time through BEFTN.
  4. Undistributed/unclaimed cash dividend shall be deposited in a scheduled bank in a separate account and dividend including interest thereon for a period of 3 years from the date of declaration or approval shall be transferred to the fund as directed or prescribed by BSEC.
  5. The Company shall credit stock dividend directly to the BO account or issue bonus share certificate of the entitled shareholder, as applicable, within 30 days of declaration or approval, as the case may be, subject to clearance of the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. and Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd. (CDBL).
  6. Undistributed bonus shares shall be held in a Suspense BO account under Block Module with CDBL and unclaimed bonus shares for a period of 3 years from date of declaration or approval shall be transferred in dematerialized form to the BO account as directed by BSEC
  7. The Company shall submit a compliance report to the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) in a specific format, within 07 (seven) working days of completion of dividend distribution. Provided that the Company will also publish the compliance report in its website.
  8. The Company shall not forfeit any unclaimed cash dividend or stock dividend till the claim becomes barred by the law of land in force.

The Board shall review this policy on annual basis or as and when required by the law. The Board is authorised to change/amend this policy from time to time at its sole discretion and/or in pursuance of any amendments made in the companies Act and BSEC’s Regulations/Notifications or guidelines etc. The Company shall make appropriate disclosures as required under BSEC’s directive dated 14 January, 2021.