Health screening Centre

Health screening Programme takes an active role in the early detection of diseases through a wide range of comprehensive health screening packages for all ages, promoting and creating awareness of healthy living through health education.
At the Health screening Centre of Samorita Hospital, we offer an integrated, seamless one-stop health-screening delivery service, allowing holistic care to all our health-screeners especially relevant in our aging population, to optimize their health and quality of life.
In many places, heart disease, stroke and cancer have been the top killer diseases, accounting for about 60% of all deaths in the last two decades. These are mostly a result of several lifestyle-related risk factors such as smoking, unhealthy diet, obesity and physical inactivity.
As such, we have a team of Health professionals to detect, advise, counsel and manage any health-related issues and/or diseases found following the report of the health-screening checkups.
We have a range of comprehensive health screening packages to suit the needs of the individual and corporate clients.