Dr. F.H. Chowdhury.

Dr. F.H. Chowdhury is a veteran consultant in the field of neurosurgery in Bangladesh. He emerged as a professional doctor in the year 1998, when he passed his MBBS from SSMC. After the successful completion of MBBS, he went on to complete his FCPS in surgery in 2005. He continued his journey as a student to successfully complete his MS in Neurosurgery in the year 2008.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital Limited as medical professional, Dr. F.H. Chowdhury accumulated a massive 13 years of experience in Neurosurgery. Throughout his professional life as a doctor, he amassed a vast experience in Skullbased microneurosurgery and endoscopic skull based surgery, vascular neurosurgery, epilepsy surgery. He also has multiple publications in this field. Till now, Dr. F.H. Chowdhury has published 45 journals.

In the interest of poor people, Dr. F.H. Chowdhury has conducted various free “Day surgery cases camp” at his village in Feni.

Dr. F.H. Chowdhury has also participated in multiple trainings and workshops. Some of the notable workshops that he participated include: BSNS in Bangladesh, WFNS and ACNS in Japan, AANS in USA, Skullbase society in India, SARC neurosurgical conference in Nepal.

DR. MD. Moajjam Hossain Talukder

Dr. MD. Moajjam Hossain is an neuro surgeon & spinal surgeon. He emerged as an professional doctor in 1996. He has passed his MBBS degree from Chittagong Medical College. He got his MS in Neurosurgery in 2010.

He is currently working in National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital. He has previously worked as DMCH, Malay University ( Malaysia) Kabangsang University ( Malaysia).

He has specialty in spinal surgery-plid, spinal toumor, spinal fixation, cervical myelopathy etc. Brain surgery: Toumor, Haemmorrage, V-P shunt, Aneurism, AVM etc.

Seminars attended:

1. International Neurosurgery Conferances.

2. National Neurosurgery Conferances.

3. International Neurosurgery education counsel.




Dr. M.H. Shahryer Sabet

Dr. Shahryer Sabet is an experienced consultant in the field of Neurosurgery. He passed his MBBS in the year 1984 from Chittagong Medical College. After the successful completion of MBBS, Dr. Sabet went on to study his FCPS in the year 1995. Prior to that, he successfully completed his MD from State University of New York (SUNY) in Brooklyn.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital Limited as a consultant, he worked in Dhaka Medical College Hospital, during his MD, he also had the privilege to work in State University of New York campus. Also, he worked in Sikder Women’s Medical College Hospital. At present he is also working in Labaid specialized Hospital in Dhaka.

As a neurosurgeon professional, Dr. Shahryer Sabet gained massive experience in areas like: management of head injury, stroke surgery and spine surgery.

Dr. Sabet attended multiple professional conference as a part of professional experience. Some of his notable participation include participation in spine IIlizarof Surgery Workshop in Karzan, Russia.


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