Dr. A.T.M. Khaliquzzaman

Dr. A.T.M. Khaliquzzaman is a professional consultant, currently working in the field of Trauma and Orthopaedics at Samorita Hospital Limited. He begin his journey as a medical professional in the year 1977, after he passed his MBBS from Dhaka Medical College. Since his inception as a doctor Dr. Khaliquzzaman went on to successfully complete his diploma in orthopedics and Traumatology on AUST in the year 1988. After that, he did his fellowship in A.O from Switzerland.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital Limited as a professional consultant, Dr. Khaliquzzaman gained an enriched work experience in foreign hospital. Prior to joining Samorita, he worked in Imam Khomeini Hospital in Iran as a consultant in trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, which was under the ministry of health in Iran.

Dr. A.T.M. Khaliquzzaman has been an integral part in multiple charitable cause. He is currently acting as the general secretary of PKSP, an N.G.O, which is working on our health sector. Prior to that he was a part of multiple free health camp in various part of Bangladesh and Iran.

Dr. A.T.M. Khaliquzzaman has taken part in multiple courses, while continuing his professional life. Some of his notable participation include: participation in AO- Basic course-Linz, A)-Advanced course- Bangkok, AO- Hand course-Hongkong, AO-CMF-Sydney, AO- Spine- Kolkata.

Professor M.A. Samad

Professor M. Abdus Samad is one of the most renowned consultant in the field of orthopaedics in Bangladesh. His inception as a medical professional begin in the year 1978, when he passed MBBS from Dhaka Medical College. After the completion of MBBS, he successfully completed D-Ortho and M.S in Orthopaedics. He further went on to do his fellowship in this field.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital Limited as a consultant, Professor Doctor Abdus Samad worked in NITOR. Some of his notable works include policiztion of Index, JHR and TKR.

Professor Dr. Abdus Samad Attended multiple conferences in the field of orthopaedics. Quire recently, he went to IOF conference 2014, which took place in Seville of Spain.

Dr. A.H.M. Rezaul Haque

Dr. A.H.M. Rezaul Haque is an experienced consultant in the field of orthopedic surgery, where he has an experience of around 23 years. His journey as a medical professional begin in the year 1991, after the completion of his MBBS program from M.A.G Osmani Medical College. After his MBBS, Dr. Reza successfully completed his MS in orthopedics in the year 2004. Furthermore, he did his fellowship on sports medicine from Singapore.

Prior to his involvement as a professional consultant in Samorita Hospital Limited, Dr. Reza worked in BIRDEM, From there onwards, he also worked in NITOR, CMCH and also in SGH in Singapore. Currently, he is working as an Assistant professor in orthopedic Surgery in UAMCH of Dhaka.

In the interest of the humanity, Dr. Reza is acting as the Director of Hazera Tofazzal Foundation , located Hasanpur, Feni – This foundation is dedicated to serve poor patients at lower cost.

Dr. Reza is renowned for his work in Arthroscoby. Apart from his research work, Dr. Reza attended multiple seminars and conference held in India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Dr. Md. Zahidur Rahman

DR. Md. Zahidur Rahman is an experienced Medical professional in the field of orthopedic surgery. His journey as a professional doctor begin in the May of 1985, when he successfully completed MBBS from Rajshahi Medical college. After the completion of MBBS, Dr. Rahman progressed to complete his diploma in orthopedics in 1999 and Masters of Orthopedics in 2004. He then went on to complete his fellowship in spinal surgery from Thailand.

Dr. Rahman has a vast experience for working long times in NITOR. Apart from his present profession as a consultant of Samorita Hospital Limited, He is currently working in Dhaka Medical College.

Dr. Zahidur Rahman has successfully participated in many seminars and symposium that covered subjects of orthopedics like: Spine, Arthscopy, trauma.