Attachment with Foreign hospitals

Samorita has arrangements with the following group of hospitals abroad for referrals : East Shore Hospital, Singapore; Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore; Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore; Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang; Gleneagles Intan, Kuala Lumpur; RS Siloam Gleneagles, Jakarta; RS Gleneagles Medan, Indonesia; RS Budi Mulia Gleneagles, Surabaya; Duncan Gleaneagles Hospital, Calcutta; Gleneagles Colombo, Sri Lanka; The Heart Hospital, London

Additional Facilities

24 hours pharmacy is located in the ground floor.
Card phones with STD and ISD facility are available eon the ground floor. Local and trunk calls can be done from the rooms with telephone sets or from the Nurses station for from the front desk situated in the ground floor, or extra charges. Fax facility is available on extra charges .24 hours Ambulance service is available. 

With the many dicisions during an emrgency finding appropiate transportation shouyld never have to be among them

Samorita is equipped with 3 (three) ambulances available round the clock. Patients can be brought to Samorita or from the hospital to their home or destination when and as necessary.

Comprehensive Health screening Packages

Health Screening for Men
Health Screening for Women
Health Screening for Both Sexes Optional Test


General Health Screening (2500/-)


  • Medical history taking
  • Physical examination
  • Chest X-Ray
  • ECG
  • Blood tests to screen for –
  • kidney function
  • liver function
  • blood disorders
  • metabolic disorders (eg diabetes, gout)
  • lipid profile (cholesterol level)
  • Urine analysis
  • Stool analysis
  • Medical report and counseling
  • Health education

Executive Health Screening ( 3500/-)

  • Medical History Taking
  • Physical Examination
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Blood analysis for –
  • kidney function
    liver function
  • Haematological profile
    metabolic disorders (eg diabetes, gout and thyroid disorders)
    lipid profile (cholesterol level)
    infectious diseases (eg syphilis, hepatitis B)
    cancer markers (for liver, colonic, pancreatic and prostatic cancers)
    (for ladies, a gynaecological examination and PAP smear is included)
    Urine analysis
    Stool analysis
    Medical Report and Counselling
    Health Education

Health Screening Cardiac (4800/-)

  • Medical History Taking
  • Chest X-ray
    Blood analysis for –
    Cholesterol level
    HDL – cholesterol level
    LDL – cholesterol level
    Total cholesterol / HDL Ratio
    Fasting blood sugar
    Treadmill Stress Test
    Medical Report & CounselingIndividual Health Screening Programme is also available Pre-employment : Medical check up (Confidential report will be provided to the employer)
    Routine Periodic Health Check-up for the employee.The medical check-up centre at Samorita is supported is supported by a modern diagnostic laboratory and a number of national & internationally reputed honorable Specialists. The Medical check-up centre gives the opportunity to an easy access to the modern sophisticated.The price of our standard packages range from 1500/- to 3500/-
    We are able to design packages for Corporate Clients according to the budget.

    Additional Tests (When requested/asked or indicated for — additional charges will be added with a 10% discount)

Health screening Centre

Health screening Programme takes an active role in the early detection of diseases through a wide range of comprehensive health screening packages for all ages, promoting and creating awareness of healthy living through health education.
At the Health screening Centre of Samorita Hospital, we offer an integrated, seamless one-stop health-screening delivery service, allowing holistic care to all our health-screeners especially relevant in our aging population, to optimize their health and quality of life.
In many places, heart disease, stroke and cancer have been the top killer diseases, accounting for about 60% of all deaths in the last two decades. These are mostly a result of several lifestyle-related risk factors such as smoking, unhealthy diet, obesity and physical inactivity.
As such, we have a team of Health professionals to detect, advise, counsel and manage any health-related issues and/or diseases found following the report of the health-screening checkups.
We have a range of comprehensive health screening packages to suit the needs of the individual and corporate clients.

Language Proficiency

We have a range of Doctors who are proficient in different languages such as English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu , Chinese, Japanese, Hindi . Thus the patients from the above categories would feel at home coming here and seeking treatment and advise in a congenial atmosphere.

Nutrition Counseling Services

Staffed by registered dietitians, the Nutrition Counseling Service provides a full range of nutrition education in both group or individual settings. One-on-one counseling includes evaluation of nutritional status, development of individualized meal plans, and assistance with behavior modification and goal setting. Counseling is available for the nutritional management of medical conditions such as diabetes, Stroke with eating disorders, joint disease, gastrointestinal disorders, gestational diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, pulmonary disease, renal failure which requires dietary modification to secure adequate intake and Tube feeding, Menu-Planning for individuals who require nutritional rehabilitation.

General Home Care Services

General Home Care Services for patients after their discharge from Samorita Hospital include: Wound Dressing, Giving of Injection, Testing of Blood Sugar, Change of Urinary Catheter, Insertion of Naso-Gastric Tube, Tube Feeding, Colostomy Care, Tracheostomy Care, Bathing of Patient, and Health Education and Advice.

Day Surgery Recovery Room

Our Day Surgery Ward has 6 recovery beds for patients who need minor surgical procedures. They receive the same quality surgical and nursing care as hospitalized patients but at a lesser cost as they do not incur the overnight room charges.

Intensive Care Unite (I.C.U)

Our Care Unit (ICU) comprise of bed unit for adults. Our fully equipped Critical Care Unit is designed to provide for acute nursing and medical care needs.

The ICU provides optimal support and emergency back-up for surgical procedures and medical cases. It is well equipped with comprehensive vital sign monitoring systems and is staffed by highly skilled and trained nursing team who closely track patients’ progress. A multi-disciplinary approach is provided to individualize care.
The Intensive Care Unit(ICU) recovery Room are located on the same level (5th Level) as the Operating Theatre and the Unit is managed on a high nurse-to-patient ratio and has a medical doctor assigned round-the-clock to provide first level medical attention to patients should the need arise.

Visitors are strictly prohibited in the ICU

Only adult immediate family members are allowed. Patients and their attendants are required to restrict the number of their visitors.

Children below the age of 12 are prohibited as visitors except on Friday & Festival holidays. Please note that flowers and fruits baskets are not allowed in ICU and the patient’s family members are requested to bring them home.

The rehabilitation services

The rehabilitation services available include : Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy.

This services include : Management of respiratory conditions, Mobility training, Strengthening and stretching exercises, Home modification advice, Prescription of assistive device and equipment, Retraining of activities of daily living, Cognititve and perceptual re-education.