DR. MD. Moajjam Hossain Talukder

DR. MD. Moajjam Hossain Talukder

Dr. MD. Moajjam Hossain is an neuro surgeon & spinal surgeon. He emerged as an professional doctor in 1996. He has passed his MBBS degree from Chittagong Medical College. He got his MS in Neurosurgery in 2010.

He is currently working in National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital. He has previously worked as DMCH, Malay University ( Malaysia) Kabangsang University ( Malaysia).

He has specialty in spinal surgery-plid, spinal toumor, spinal fixation, cervical myelopathy etc. Brain surgery: Toumor, Haemmorrage, V-P shunt, Aneurism, AVM etc.

Seminars attended:

1. International Neurosurgery Conferances.

2. National Neurosurgery Conferances.

3. International Neurosurgery education counsel.