Samorita Hospital Launches New Bone Marrow Densitometer (BMD)

Samorita Hospital Launches New Bone Marrow Densitometer (BMD)

Bone Densitometry (BMD) is a radiological test, that is used to detect the early stages of osteoporosis, a disease in which our bones weaken, often as a result of the aging process. Early detection allows treatment for osteoporosis to begin before it has progressed very far. Bone densitometry machines use x-rays or ultrasound to measure the density (amount of calcium) of the bone and compare it to what it should be. The higher the density, the stronger the bone. Your doctor may decide the test should be repeated every few years to see if treatments are being effective in maintaining bone density.

For whom it is applicable:

– All patients (Male and Female) , over 50 tears of age, with weakened bone.

– Patients with less estrogen hormone.

– Patients with smoking habit

– Patients who are using steroid type medicine for a long time.

Samorita Hospital limited is pleased to introduce Bone Marrow Densitometer machine for osteoporosis patients, which  is from GE-AMERICA. Patients will be able to get this Service from 1st September, 2014
Special Charge: Tk_2000/- (Two Thousand Only)