Dr. Md. Zonaid Rahim

MBBS (Rangpur Medical College), DLO, Post graduate degree in Audiology.

Dr. Md. Zonaid Rahim is a professional consultant in the field of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT). He successfully established himself as a medical professional in the year 1988, when he passed his MBBS from Rangpur medical college. After the successful completion of MBBS, Dr. Zonaid Rahim completed his DLO in 1993. After that, he completed his post graduate training in audiology.

Dr. Md. Zonaid Rahim had accumulated vast knowledge in the field of ENT and headache surgery. He has also received specialized training in cochlear implant, mapping of CI, Hearing aid, BERA and so on.

Dr. Md. Zonaid Rahim is also currently working as an assistant professor of Audiology at National Institute of ENT in Dhaka.

Dr. Md. Zonaid Rahim attended multiple seminars and workshop. He attended in multiple SAARC conferences for medical professionals.