Dr. Mostaque Hossain

MBBS (Rajshahi Medical College), MD (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Mostaque Hossain is a professional consultant in the field of Internal Medicine. His inception as a medical profession took place in 2000, when he passed his MBBS from Rajshahi Medical College. After the completion of MBBS, he completed his MD in internal medicine in 2013.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital Limited as a consultant, Dr. Mostaque Hossain had gained experience of working in some of the most renowned medical institutions of our country. This include BIRDEM, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital. Apart from workin in Samorita Hospital Limited, Dr. Mostaque is also currently working in National institute of Diseases of Chest and Hospital, Mohakhali. Throughout his professional life, he gained a vast knowledge in the field of Medicine and allied.

Dr. Mostaque Hossain also participated in multiple charitable activities, He acted as the Ex-president of Sandhani Rajshahi Medical College, which serves poor patients with healthcare service. Currently, he is working as n advisor in this institution.

Dr. Mostaque Hossain has also attended multiple conferences. His noteworthy attendance was in all national medicine conference.