Professor M.A. Samad

Professor M. Abdus Samad is one of the most renowned consultant in the field of orthopaedics in Bangladesh. His inception as a medical professional begin in the year 1978, when he passed MBBS from Dhaka Medical College. After the completion of MBBS, he successfully completed D-Ortho and M.S in Orthopaedics. He further went on to do his fellowship in this field.

Prior to joining Samorita Hospital Limited as a consultant, Professor Doctor Abdus Samad worked in NITOR. Some of his notable works include policiztion of Index, JHR and TKR.

Professor Dr. Abdus Samad Attended multiple conferences in the field of orthopaedics. Quire recently, he went to IOF conference 2014, which took place in Seville of Spain.