Intensive Care Unit

We provide state of the art specialized personal care for every critical patient on 1:1 basis nursing service supervised by trained ICU doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our ICU Services & Facilities are :

24 hours supervision underguidence of highly trained consultant with 10 years overseas experience in ICU.
24 hours presence of internist and ICU doctors .
24 hours trained nursing staff for each individual patient.
Central monitoring system.
Hi-Tech vital sign monitor for every patient.
Invasive & non invasive Haemodynamic monitoring system.
BIS monitoring for assessment of brain activity
Syringe & infusion pumps for metered medications and accurate volume infusions.
Ultramodern ventilator with monitoring facilities for patient’s own breathing effort
Instant ABG analysis within ICU
Instant electrolyte assessment within ICU
Portable vantilators for transporting patients within the hospital for various purposes like CT scan, MRI etc. and for bringing vantilated patients from other hospitals
Portable X-ray machine within ICU
Bed side Echocardiogram and Ultrasonogram
Facility to implant temporary pacemaker
IABP facility for maintaining blood pressure in circulatory failure patients
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) for patients who are unable to have enteral nutrition
Highly specialized physiotherapy services