Neurology Services

Specialization in the Evaluation & Treatment of disorders affecting the Nervous System

The Neuro Center at the State of the Art Samorita Hospital serves the receiving point for the most seriously injured people from across the country and treat patient with Brain and Spine disease from home and abroad. In addition to being a center of excellence, the department of Neurosciences aims to be an asset to the communities of Bangladesh and abroad.


5 dedicated Neuro ICU beds and additional beds in general ICU available on demand.
32 general beds in the Neuro Ward and additional VIP Cabin and shared Cabin bed are available and being used.
2 dedicated Neuro Surgery operation theatres are in regular use.

Neuro Radiology and Neuro physiology are fully equipped and under supervision of Neurologist & Neuro Radiologist. Neuro Surgery out patient service is available in all working days from 9am-6pm and Emergency Services runs around the clock. Our exceptional staffs take excellent care and treat all varieties of Brain and Spinal diseases.

Regularly performed Brain Surgeries at United Neuro Center are:

Head injury and Multi-trauma
Brain tumors including skull base and pituitary tumor

Intracranial hemorrhage including subarachnoid hemorrhage due to rupture of cerebral aneurysm and AVM. Clipping of cerebral aneurysm are being performed on regular basis. Intravascular Coiling of Cerebral aneurysm & AVM are carried out here at 4-6 months interval.

Deep Brain Stimulation / Functional Neurosurgery for Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorder is in the process of development.

All types of Spinal disease:

Neck pain and Radiating pain in the upper limb
Low back pain and radiating pain down to lower limbs.
Spinal tumor
Spinal fracture and dislocation
Infection of spine
Spinal injury
Congenital anomalies of Spine and Brain.