Bed or room will be allotted depending on the patients choice and availability. One attendant is allowed per patient in the ward/room. VVIP, VIP , Single/Double AC rooms are provided with cable TV. connection.

Please do not bring excessive cash or other valuables. We would advise you to leave your valuables at home as the hospital would not be able to accept responsibility for losses.

You will need to make a deposit on admission. You can pay your hospital bill by cash, cheque, Credit card or Ready Cash. The amount of deposit varies with your room type.

In addition, surgery fees of between 10,000/-+ is claimable depending on the type of surgery.

Letter of guarantee from your employer/insurance company if part or all your medical expenses are to be borne by your company/insurance.

Please check into our hospital at the appointed time as requested by your doctor. You or a member of your family will be asked to supply information to fill up some hospital forms.

For surgical patients, if your surgery is scheduled for the same day as your admission, please check into the hospital at least 2 hours prior to surgery time.
If you are having a major surgery, please come to the hospital one day before surgery for the necessary blood tests as arranged by your doctor.
Instructions on what you should and should not do will be given to you by your surgeon prior to your surgery.
For day surgery patients, it is advisable not to drive yourself home after the surgery. Please arrange for someone to accompany you home.

Our combination of advanced technology, clinical excellence, personalized care, and ongoing communication with patients/and attendants and their referring physicians ensure the highest quality of patient care.

Case Management

Case management is the process used to facilitate the delivery of high quality patient care across the entire care continuum. The health care team, facilitating optimal outcomes and assuring appropriate use of resources across the full care continuum.

Visiting policy

Visiting hours are as follows:
Morning 1030 to 1230 hrs
Evening 16 00 to 2000 hrs.

Visitors are strictly prohibited in the ICU..

Patients and their attendants are required to restrict the number of their visitors. Children below the age of 12 are prohibited as visitors except on Fridays & Festival holidays.

Going Home 

You will proceed to the Account Department and make your payment. A discharge certificate will be issued to you by the floor doctor checked by the Senior Medical officer on duty.


The nursing staff will visit the patient regularly, supervise his/her care and inform the doctors. Relations Officers (GRO) will also visit the patient regularly and complaints or problems can him.

Referral Appointment

If the doctor refers you to a Specialist’s Chamber, you will be given a referral letter if possible along with an appointment letter and the date and time of your appointment. The Reception Counter in the front desk has the full list, telephone numbers & address of the attending Specialists.

Bill Payment

Making finance and insurance arrangements simple

The Samorita Hospital caters for people paying for their own treatment, sponsored by their company, organisation or embassy, or those with private medical cover from all major insurance companies including ALICO Insurance Company, Delta Life, Sandhani Life, Purabi Insurance. GMC- International ,  Letter of guarantee from your employer/insurance company if part or all of your medical expenses are to be borne by your company/insurance.

Samorita is also having contractual agreements with reputed and prestigious National and International organizations like Pan Pacific Sonargoan Hotel, Sheraton International Hotel, Raddison Watergarden Hotel, Westin Int Hotel, Grameen Phone, City Cell, Aktel Tel com Comapanies. Ekhusey T.V., Exim Bank, AB Bank, Jamuna Bank, Mercantile Bank, U.N. Clinic (A clinic for all the sister organization of United Nation working in Bangladesh) for their national and International staff & guests, Prosshika, Santa Garments for their staff & dependant family.

Self-pay patients
We provide a range of a wide variety of treatments. So from the outset, you will know what your hospital costs will be and you won’t be faces with any unexpected or unpleasant surprises. You can pay your hospital bill by cash, credit card or Ready Cash.

Insured patients
The Samorita Hospital has agreements covering most medical insurance schemes. However, you should always check with your insurer before embarking on any form of medical treatment. Our pre-admission confirmation makes sure that the whole process is smooth and simple. We will tell you precisely what is included and what is additional to your cover. Paperwork and administration are reduced due to direct electronic links with the major medical insurers.
Letter of guarantee from your insurance company is needed during the admission. Patients admitted in case of Emergency must produce the guarantee letter on the following working day.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]