Stroke Unit

Stroke Unit

Our Stroke Unit comprises of a 4-bed unit for adults. Our fully equipped Stroke Unit is designed to provide for acute nursing and medical care needs for patients who are having CVD ( Cerebro Vascular Diseases).

The Stroke Unit provides optimal support and emergency back-up for surgical procedures and medical cases. It is well equipped with comprehensive vital sign monitoring systems and is staffed by highly skilled and trained nursing team who closely track patients’ progress. A multi-disciplinary approach is provided to individualize care.

The Stroke Unit is located on the same level (5th Floor) as the Operating Theatre and the Unit is managed on a high nurse-to-patient ratio and has a medical doctor assigned round-the-clock to provide first level medical attention to patients should the need arise.

Visiting hours at the Stroke Unit are 10 am to 12 noon & 4 pm to 8 pm. Only adult immediate family members are allowed. Please note that flowers and fruit baskets are not allowed in Stroke Unit.

Relatively stable, but still in need of close observation the Stroke Unit provides care for patients requiring close observation and intensive treatment.